Who Would’ve Benefited from On-line Studying in One other Time?



woman reading ipadSeptember fifteenth is a little-known day in American historical past. It’s Nationwide On-line Studying Day! Three cheers!

In 2016, the vacation was first acknowledged as a nationwide occasion. It’s truthful to say that the vacation remained out of the highlight till 2020 when the pandemic hit and the demand for on-line studying elevated tremendously.

In honor of this vacation, it appeared like a enjoyable thought to have a look at occasions and characters in historical past and fiction who would have benefited from the net studying assets that we’ve got right this moment.


Fiction – Charlie Brown (Peanuts – Comics)

This one is for followers of the favored “Peanuts” comics. What number of occasions within the comics did we see Lucy dupe Charlie Brown into sprinting to punt the soccer, just for Lucy to tug the soccer away on the final second? Too many to rely. I really feel for you, Charlie Brown. If Charlie had entry to right this moment’s eLearning software program, he would’ve been capable of be taught to be a greater soccer participant along with a prankster. If he turned higher at soccer, perhaps Lucy would’ve revered him sufficient to not pull out the soccer, risking harm to a key participant. And if Lucy have been to maintain at it with the antics, absolutely Charlie Brown would’ve gathered sufficient inspiration from programs adjoining to “tips on how to be a prankster.”

Historical past – Christopher Columbus (Italian Explorer)

What if Christopher Columbus, upon discovering the Americas, had opened a language course when encountering the Natives Individuals he encountered in his travels? He would’ve merely made the trouble to inquire about what language they have been talking, opened his machine of alternative, then headed again to his examine in an effort to successfully talk with the folks. Columbus, taking a way more diplomatic method to his discovery escapades, might’ve drastically modified the relations between the Europeans and the Native Individuals for the higher.

Fiction – Ross Geller (Pals – TV Sequence)

For those who didn’t see the spoiler alert in the beginning of the article, right here it’s once more! I need to contact on a key plot level to convey the use that on-line studying would’ve performed in these characters’ lives. It has been 25+ years because the TV sequence was launched to the world, so no excuses right here.

For these of us who watched the present, we all know that there have been storylines at play which spanned a number of seasons. Certainly one of them is the Ross and Rachel romance. It was such a pure love story, one that you simply couldn’t assist however root for. The loveable nerd Ross getting along with the attractive and fashionable Rachel? Sure, we wished that. We did get this pairing – however for what appeared like a really brief interval. “We have been on a break!” is a timeless line which inserts in the midst of this drama.

There was an excessive amount of pointless drama at play right here although. I feel Ross would have benefited from an introduction to mindfulness and meditation course. Within the present, he offers into his feelings too rapidly. Meditation and mindfulness would’ve taught him tips on how to decelerate, take some deep breaths, suppose by way of the state of affairs, then proceed – or fully clear his thoughts altogether. A “clear and efficient communication” course would’ve been useful as nicely!

Historical past – Stonehenge (English Monument)

What if the creators of Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument that consists of enormous pillars of rock positioned in a circle, had entry to an LMS so they might “tag” the artistry digitally with a QR code? There is no such thing as a proof as to how and who created the monument. It could be a boon for everybody if the creators left a QR code that individuals might scan off to the aspect of the monument, with a URL backup after all, and browse a log of how and why the monument was created within the first place.

Fiction – Darth Vader (Star Wars – Movie Franchise)

A very long time in the past in a galaxy far, far-off… there was as soon as a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker that turned cyborg villain that’s Darth Vader. In Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Again, Vader reveals to Luke on cloud metropolis that he’s actually is his father.

I personally suppose Vader might have dealt with the state of affairs higher. He might have approached it from a unique angle. Though the expertise within the Star Wars universe is mild years forward of the place we’re – I nonetheless suppose that Vader would profit from some on-line studying programs on “efficient parenting methods.” Sure, he was there within the remaining moments for Luke within the showdown versus the emperor on Demise Star II, however he might have rebuilt some bridges alongside the way in which utilizing power communication.

Historical past – The Titanic (British Passenger Ship)

What if the operators of the Titanic had entry to fashionable security programs which might have been taken on-line? A ship that huge and there weren’t sufficient lifeboats? If the choice makers aboard the ship had taken programs on “getting ready to embark: streamliner version,” maybe they might have been so enthralled and horrified by the lifelike examples offered within the coaching that extra lifeboats would have been added.

There are such a lot of examples in historical past and fiction that I might have chosen for this text. So many who I’d write a second version of this subject. There are a lot of that might have benefitted from an internet studying platform like SAP Litmos. In case you are studying this, you might be heading in the right direction in your celebration of the vacation. Take a while to open your favourite Litmos programs, seize a refreshment, and be taught one thing new!



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