How do you give alerts on these roundabouts? Which driver has precedence?



There are at the moment two sorts of roundabouts in Hong Kong. We name them typical roundabouts and new spiral roundabouts. Probationary (P-license) drivers are all the time confused by them since every has its personal guidelines for giving alerts and precedence. However passing the driving check doesn’t robotically make you an skilled, as solely the Yau Tong check route has a roundabout. 

What’s extra, there isn’t any clear consensus as to how one can use roundabouts. Some drivers are likely to drive alongside the outer lane it doesn’t matter what, inflicting visitors congestion. Some drivers even overtake by altering to the mistaken lane, leading to automobile accidents. These atrocities have left a status of “black spots” on some roundabouts!

Kwiksure presents the similarities and variations between the traditional roundabouts and spiral roundabouts, in addition to a situation evaluation. 

The Automobile Insurance coverage Claims Course of in Hong Kong (with a settlement letter template)

Similarities and variations between the traditional roundabouts and the spiral roundabouts

Street Indicators

Earlier than getting into a roundabout, you will note a triangular “roundabout forward” signal about 100 meters upfront. It’s often arrange alongside the pedestrian route. At about 50 meters earlier than the roundabout, you will note an enormous blue course signal.


Guidelines of use

Whether or not it’s a traditional roundabout or a spiral roundabout, drivers should carefully observe the next guidelines

  1. When getting into a roundabout, it is best to strategy from the left.

  2. Resolve as early as attainable which exit you need to take and swap to the proper lane.

  3. If you happen to miss the exit, preserve circling across the roundabout till you strategy the exit once more, then go away.



Typical roundabouts vs. spiral roundabouts: Driving ideas

The Transport Division launched a guide named “How A lot You Know About Guidelines of Utilizing Roundabouts”, through which we will see that the 2 sorts of roundabouts will not be too dissimilar on the subject of utilization.

【新舊迴旋處教學】迴旋處/螺旋處點打燈?誰有優先權?【新舊迴旋處教學】迴旋處/螺旋處點打燈?誰有優先權? 【新舊迴旋處教學】迴旋處/螺旋處點打燈?誰有優先權? 【新舊迴旋處教學】迴旋處/螺旋處點打燈?誰有優先權?

In case you are in the end making a left flip (i.e. taking the exit on the left), journey alongside the outer lane and preserve left. 
In case you are in the end making a proper flip or taking different exits (i.e. taking the exit on the appropriate), journey alongside the inside lane and preserve proper.
In case you are in the end going straight forward, both line shall be wonderful.

Typical roundabouts vs. spiral roundabouts: The “give-way precedence” controversy

If the principles of use are so clear, why do visitors accidents nonetheless occur occasionally? The offender is the precedence challenge on the exits.

【新舊迴旋處教學】迴旋處/螺旋處點打燈?誰有優先權? 【新舊迴旋處教學】迴旋處/螺旋處點打燈?誰有優先權?

Within the typical roundabout, autos on the inside lane ought to give strategy to autos on the outer lane to depart first. Conversely, within the spiral roundabout, autos on the outer lane ought to give strategy to autos on the inside lane to depart first. Previous or new, keep in mind this rule of thumb on the subject of roundabouts: look proper when getting into and look left when exiting in case any car crosses your path from behind on the left. Additionally, be careful for lengthy autos (e.g. container vehicles) as they could additionally cross your path after they enter and exit the roundabout.

The emergence of spiral roundabouts stems from an statement that drivers exiting a traditional roundabout would make a number of lane adjustments without delay, growing the danger of accidents. Subsequently, in 2004, the Transport Division rolled out spiral roundabouts on a trial foundation. But out of the 327 roundabouts in Hong Kong, there are solely 23 spiral ones – accounting for a mere 7% of the whole. The coexistence of each roundabouts, in addition to the distinction between give-way guidelines, has incessantly triggered accidents.

Roundabout black spots

Roundabout black spots the place visitors accidents have occurred embody:

  • Tsuen Tsing Interchange (Tsuen Wan Street)

  • Tsuen Kam Interchange (Texaco Street North / Wai Tsuen Street)

  • Nam Pin Wai Roundabout, Sai Kung (a visitors accident that resulted in 19 deaths and 43 accidents occurred right here)

  • Tai Wai Roundabout

  • Hammer Hill Street Typical Roundabout, Diamond Hill

  • Lung Fu Street Roundabout

  • Sheung Tak Property Roundabout, Tseung Kwan O



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